Shopping malls

We bring to the shopping malls a wide range of products ranging from basic, simple shapes to individual designs. We are always helpful in solving the challenges and visions of architects and putting them into life. Every such project is a challenge for us to facilitate the joyful time of all customers.

Original solutions for stylish design ceilings

Our broad portfolio of solutions for original design ceilings provides the option to create a unique space to set you apart from others and to create a character that is unique to a given shopping centre. It will most definitely make an impression on visitors.

Curved ceilings and walls

Our production techniques allow for curved ceilings and walls with a variety of radii and curves. Installation and finishing work delivers a pure and smooth curve.

Milling of LED profiles

This is currently a widely-used detail that delivers direct and indirect light to the given space or room. We are able to adapt to any shape strip. These details are appropriate for all parts of shopping centres. Their variability results in intricate and unique design details.

Curved column cladding

This pre-fabricated option allows us to cover columns with cladding in various diameters and compositions, depending on the specific needs of the given project. False columns are even an option.

3D wall and ceiling cladding

An attractive option for cladding walls. A broad range of applications, from access corridors and shopping centres to toilet and sanitary installations.

Custom ceilings and walls for rental units

We look forward to individual projects where the detail products we offer bring the space to life in a way that makes users feel comfortable. These details are often created in cooperation with architects and designers.