Game rooms & casinos

Game and entertainment accompanies human kind since forever. We also like to play with these projects, and with use of our Easyboard products. We understand that each such business is unique in its atmosphere and style of interior design. And that is always an interesting challenge for us. Very often these are atypical shapes such as ellipses, circles etc.

Custom ceiling designs

Together with architects and designers, we are able to give any space a unique appearance. The size of the space and the design clarity of the detail come together to create an original concept.

Special plasterboard luminaires

We offer elegant and customised solutions for lighting gaming rooms and casinos to create an environment with a unique atmosphere.

3D wall and ceiling cladding

We design and deliver elegant wall cladding solutions using 3D panels. Investors have the option to choose from a large quantity of decorative patterns suitable for all parts of any interior.

Milling of LED profiles into plasterboard

A pure design detail perfect for use for direct and indirect lighting. Depending on the dimensions of the given aluminium material, we are able to produce a prefabricated plasterboard shape to match. These details may be used to illuminate bar corridors, other rooms, etc.

Special finned ceilings

This architecturally attractive detail can be used in the main rooms in casinos and in access corridors.

Light coves

We have extensive experience with a variety of solutions in the most diverse range of shapes and sizes. These luminaires are used in gaming rooms and casinos to create a pleasant atmosphere.