Every hotel has its specific atmosphere. Our Easyboard products have been used for construction or reconstructions of large congress hotels, small family guesthouses and hotels. Together with architects and developers, we are able to deliver individual details of the interior and participate in the creation of a compact unit that will be appreciated by the guests.

Original design ceilings (bars, reception areas, congress halls or wellness areas)

Pre-fabricated plasterboard provides a broad range of options for incorporation into stylish and original ceilings. This provides the opportunity to create a unique space that is completely different from anything else and helps to give the hotel a characteristic flair. It is this uniqueness that ensures the hotel will be unforgettable to guests.

Indirect lighting for rooms and corridors

We offer a number of indirect lighting options for rooms and corridors. We have delivered components for use in hotels with modern, contemporary designs and hotels that present a more historical design.

Plasterboard mouldings

Plasterboard mouldings offer a clarity of design and represent an extremely practical detail for any type of room. Investors have the option to select the dimensions that perfectly match the given space.

Enclosures for ducts and columns

We are often faced with covering a variety of different ducts, exhaust hood drops, etc. Our solutions are elegant, offering a clean design with an installation solution that delivers significant time savings. An angled or rounded shape is most often used for covering up columns.