Our products EasyBoars were applied during the construction or reconstruction of administrative and office buildings. In these types of objects, designers and then executives appreciate, in particular, details that simplify and accelerate assembly and thus save investors’ funds. These are in particular the inner and outer corners, the lining of the fuselage, the light boxes and so on.

Design ceilings for reception areas and conference rooms

We spend a lot of time at work and most investors agree with the idea that the work environment has a tremendous effect on performance. This is why our products are often used for ceilings in reception areas and conference rooms. They provide the right creative and relaxing atmosphere with a simple glance.

Curved plasterboard partitions

An example of how EasyBoard resolves the interior layout of office space.

Simple technical details

These are the details that the final customer doesn’t even see, and yet are critical for the overall appearance of the space. They also save a tremendous amount of time, and therefore costs, during installation.