Houses and apartments

Easyboard’s individual approach ensures that each customer’s wishes are met. The application of our products is very wide and includes both simple shapes and atypical designs. Our products are used for renovations of older homes and apartments and also for designs of interiors in newly created buildings. The advantage of our products is that they save construction time, simplify assembly and save investor´s finances.

Light coves and walls

EASYBOARD offers complete interior design solutions that best meet the individual needs of every customer.

Production of unconventional plasterboard luminaires

Individually crafted luminaires are a challenge and a pleasure for us. Our imagination is limitless. We are capable of creating a unique and attractive space incorporating elliptical and other unconventionally designed luminaires with a variety of curves.

Embedded LED strips

This is currently a widely-used detail that delivers direct and indirect light to interior spaces. We are able to adapt to any shape strip. We deliver such details for practically every part of an interior, from access corridors to living rooms.

Plasterboard mouldings

Plasterboard mouldings deliver a clean and practical design option for flats and houses. Investors have the option to select the dimensions that perfectly match the given space.

Enclosures for ducts and exhaust hoods

We are often faced with covering a variety of different ducts, exhaust hood drops, etc. Our solutions are elegant, offering a clean design with an installation solution that delivers significant time savings.

Unconventional plasterboard ceilings and walls

We are professional partners in resolving the individual needs of investors. We’ve completed numerous extraordinary solutions that are limited only by your imagination.